The story so far: Alien nations have discovered Earth and are invading major cities. They surprised us by their swift attack. Defend planet Earth from the invasion of the alien forces.

Use the touchscreen to navigate your spaceship and to shoot torpedoes.
Avoid ramming enemies or their shots.
Pickup power-ups to increase your firepower, shield, speed and lives.

Visit the UFOs Community Forums and post your high scores there!

You also find a game demo of level 1 on YouTube here.


– A vertical scrolling shooter with touch screen controls.
– 10 epic battle levels in famous cities.
– 10 alien invader types.
– Sound effects.


– Tap the screen or drag to move your spaceship.
– Taping the screen launches torpedoes.
– Shoot down UFOs to increase score.
– You lose a ship if they blast or ram you.
– It’s game over if you run out of ships.


– Black matter power-ups can be found after blasting a UFO into thin air.
– Use them to upgrade your spaceship.

Power-up types:

– [S] = extra speed boost.
– [E] = extra shield & torpedo bays.
– [L] = extra spaceship.
– [F] = extra fire torpedo.

Note from the producer:

This game is very much inspired by movies like Independence Day and War of the Worlds and arcade games like Xevious. But it’s the iPhone touch screen interface that brings the vertical scrolling shooter genre a new flavour. The idea was to build a game that has a simple but effective user interface. The first minute of a new level is easy but wait a bit and the waves will intensify so your shooting and dodging ability will be challenged to the limit.


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