Release changes from UFOs v1.0 to v1.1

January 20, 2009

As I got some remarks from people about the blurry backgrounds, I worked on fixing this issue.
The original backgrounds have been captured in a resolution of 1920×320. But the iPhone can have a maximum texture size of 1024×1024. The solution was to cut the backgrounds in 4 480×320 images. And now we show the backgrounds using a orthographic projection to avoid seeing seams between OpenGL ES rendered triangles.
Here you see some examples of before and after results:


UFOs v1.1 available on the Apple App Store

January 7, 2009

Just to let you know that the science fiction vertical scrolling shoot `em up game UFOs v1.1 was submitted to the Apple App Store on January 19th and is available since January 24th.

This update shows the backgrounds in a higher resolution. We also have general performance improvement.

Visit the web site at:

Here is the link to UFOs in the iTunes App Store

You also find a game demo of level 1 on UFOs Level 1 Demo on YouTube.


January 7, 2009

You have well landed on the UFOs game for iPhone and iPod touch web site.

The backgrounds are now in high resolution!

“Defending Washington from UFOs.”

Your web master Yannick invites you to browse around.

Special UFO type sighting

January 7, 2009

Hey, did you know that one of the UFO types looks like a meteorite? Some experts claim that they are build up from a randomly dynamically animated particle system! Put your sunglasses on when you happen to encounter these type of UFOs to protect your eyes.